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Al-Akram Pharma

Who We Are

Al-Akram Pharma is Licensed pharmaceutical company established since 1996, in Sana'a, Yemen, the company licensed from Ministry of health (MOH), And Supreme Board of Drugs (SBD) supplying high quality products and brands to the health care market in Yemen.
We supply a complete range of specialty pharmaceuticals, medical & beauty products as well as a comprehensive portfolio of quality health care products.

the business has grown to incorporate import, wholesaling of pharmaceuticals. We've been a highly respected top pharmaceutical wholesaler and distribution company in Yemen with the products of highest quality, and offering low prices. Today we are one of the leading and largest pharmaceutical, biological, medical products distributors in Yemen with adequate financial capacity to meet any growth that you may foresee.

The pharmaceutical wholesale business forms the nucleus of the company. Al-Akram Pharma engages in the business of pharmaceutical distribution, and it distributes about ten thousands types of products and has more than ten thousands of clients that spanned hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and drugstores, charities, agents, distributor nationwide and other healthcare institutions.

Al-Akram Pharma also supplies items such as toiletries and cosmetics, non-prescribed medicines, dietary supplements (vitamins and minerals). The strategy dynamics and vision of the company in combination with the latest modern establishments have given us the possibility to collaborate with the biggest companies in pharmaceutical and cosmetic products.

Al-Akram Pharma distribution services includes distributing a wide range of pharmaceutical products, including controlled, refrigerated, tablet, capsule, cream, ointment and liquid products. We also provide all of our clients with direct contact to all distribution channels.
Al-Akram Pharma also distributes a wide range of state licensed product which is approved by Yemen MOH,

Al-Akram Pharma is committed to supplying Yemeni pharmacies and wholesalers with the highest quality branded and generic pharmaceutical products at the most competitive prices. Products are sourced from a variety of approved suppliers from throughout Europe/Egypt/India/China and Korea. The company specializes in the distribution of generics, dressings, surgicals and OTC products throughout the Yemen.

Our qualified staff has years of experience in the generic/branded pharmaceutical industry and assists companies with every aspect of marketing and distribution in Yemen. The team at Al-Akram Pharma is knowledgeable about the generic/branded product market, and can establish marketing strategies that will fit any company's needs. At Al-Akram Pharma, we provide products and services to a wide variety of customers, including:

National and regional retail chains
National and regional wholesale distributors
Government and state organizations
Groceries with pharmacies

Our distribution system is running on a highly Professional Basis adhering strictly to the principle of Good Distribution Practices as defined by Yemen SBD, apart from being manned by efficient office and we have sufficient vehicles for fast delivery of Medicines. (42 Salesmen provided with vehicles and 35 Delivery boys) We are operating Door Delivery System to more than 1000 pharmacies every week throughout Yemen. The entire workforce regularly undergoes extensive training for updating job knowledge, products training, promotion system, management skills and maintaining a dynamic and empowered culture.

Our medical representatives visit hospitals and clinics to provide the clinicians with complete, accurate, comprehensive academic research and impartial information regarding pharmaceuticals.

We have full confidence in each and every member of Al-Akram Pharma family. Every member plays a pivotal role in its success story. We find Al-Akram Pharma completely geared to meet the challenges day by day.

The management team is committed to supporting and developing the staff and working practices. Enthusiasm, energy and loyalty are the key to achieving their primary mission. With our unique level of coverage and well-grounded knowledge in the field of pharmaceutical distribution, we are the ideal partner for pharmaceutical manufacturers.

We know that the success of our customers in wholesale, retailing, and Pharma Services is our success, too. We supply them nationwide with a full range of drugs and health products.



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