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Distribution is an important activity in the integrated supply chain management of pharmaceutical products. To maintain the original quality of pharmaceutical products and integrity of distribution chain, Al-Akram complies with applicable legislations and regulations, and strictly adheres to "Good Distribution Practices" & "Good Storage Practices". Al-Akram's distribution network connects patients with healthcare products across urban and rural Iraq. Farabi distribution solution has become an integral part of Iraq healthcare and we take the responsibility seriously. The distribution of goods from the central warehouse to stockiest and retailers are done in closed vehicles as per Supreme Board of Drugs (SBD) Yemen.
Al-Akram operates a nationwide distribution of 228 wholesalers with our team who in turn caters over 8,000 retailers, our distribution network and capability is underpinned by having, suitable transport vehicles, dedicated and qualified staff and well-designed sophisticated centralized warehouse facility. Our 35 professional team with 174 Medical Rep's represents and promote the products to meet more than 6,000 doctors throughout the country every month.

Al-Akram Pharma is not just pharmaceutical products importer & wholesaler but we supply all pharmacies as well as hospitals with different drug forms following the International Pharmaceutical Distribution guidelines.

Here are a few benefits of being with PharmaOverseas :

Savings on pharmaceutical supplies for pharmaceutical retailers
Savings for clients and patients on high-quality care
A full line of pharmaceutical products and supplies to retailers, hospitals, and home healthcare companies


As an extended pharmaceutical marketing agency, we help you display your full potential as a healthcare/new-age pharmaceuticals brand in the Yemeni cities. With an efficient team working to enhance your innovative products, we can help you adopt the best marketing strategies and follow custom-fit service models. With Pharma Solutions you can identify the right target customers and associate with the right partners to effectively market your products.


Our infrastructure supports all prerequisites for the safe handling and distribution of all semi-controlled and controlled drugs. With dedicated warehousing, quality assurance and pharmacovigilance facilities in place, we ensure the efficient distribution of good quality drugs that are constantly monitored for safety and quality. Our extended associations in the Yemeni market helps you channelize your product through the right part and carry out distributions that are well-regulated and widespread. 

Al-Akram Network MAP
Al-Akram Network MAP

Our Clients

We Supply our products to all Customers mainly in Yemen province
with excellent customer support and rapid distribution network.


Int. Health Organization

Local Health Organization


Gov. Hospitals
Private Hospitals
Medical Centers & Clinics



Drugs Stores


Beauty Shops

Cosmetics Centers

Al-Akram’s wide-ranging distribution network and client base means we can source all your pharmaceutical and OTC requirements, backed up by our experienced order fulfilment and customer service teams.
Government Hospitals, Pharmacists, GPs/registered Doctors, Hospitals and Private Clinics, Wholesalers, Dental Centers and Health Organization. 



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