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Al-Akram team believes that partnering is very critical aspect for the company growth strategy, till date company has engaged with many leading Pharma companies to explore the contract manufacturing and distributing their Pharma products in Yemen. Al-Akram is actively exploring for reputable manufacturers who can partner with us for distributing their manufactured drugs in Yemen. Clear goals, quick decisions, short channels of communication, structured co-operation – that's what Al-Akram stands for.
We at Al-Akram are very experience and offer and share the following expertise with our partners in Yemen.

* Nationwide Distribution
* Sales and Marketing Management
* Regulatory affairs
* Market research

Al-Akram Pharma is very proud to work with world-class manufacturers to advance our mission of distributing Pharma/biopharma products to treat serious and chronic diseases. Our warehouse is spread over an area of 1500 sq. meters. Warehouse facility to support the commercial launches of products which needed to enter the Yemen market, The facility utilizes the most modern technology to support and protect the product safety and efficacy, with a combination of technically qualified personnel and experienced workforce. It makes us comparable to any Multinational Company and eligible for any international inspection.

Qualities that define us

Services that are brought up and kept close to our high standards

  1. Delivery On Time: We ensure the delivery of medicine to our clients with a steadfast approach towards our task. Making use of our initiation skills, we guarantee your satisfaction by conveying what you exactly ask for.
  2. High Quality: We stay true to our goal by providing medical supplies that meet our top-notch standards. After all, a company’s value is revealed to customers through their products and execution.
  3. Best Products: We accomplish our missions towards a brighter future in the healthcare industry by importing and distributing medical supplies that are approved by the Ministry of Health, from authentic and trustworthy manufacturers across the globe.
  4. Fair Prices : We operate honestly to present medicine available for everyone. We strive to push our business forwards on behalf of trust and value, not in the interests of money and financial gains.
  5. Diverse Resources : We integrate medical supplies from a variety of sources and countries, all up to excellent criteria. Amassing an extensive range of medicine supports us to cover all the minute ailments and special cases.
  6. Happy customers : We part our customers with a smile, because we reassure them of a blissful experience in our company. We endeavor to build a community that cares for everyday healthcare, and we are delighted to be on the forefront of this compelling enterprise.
  7. Tender Business : As we are regularly involved in tender business, our experience & expertise allows us to accurately participate in desirable tender requests, to select the lowest prices and procuring the right products to be sold across all our distribution network.

Regulatory Affairs

- Apply for the Supreme Board of Drugs - Yemen (SBDMA) for enlisting the new formulations, which is a mandatory prerequisite for submitting the registration file. 
- Review the registration files before submission, then submit the files of the manufacturing company and the products, and ensure proper follow up. 

Some other features of our facility

The warehouse of Al-Akram is an enclosed building and protect the stored goods from environmental influences, they are secured against fire by the design of the building and technical facilities. Our warehouse is equipped with different storage condition. All the material stored in the warehouse by pallet racking, the transaction of the material is done according to first in & first out 
system, and accounting and storage is maintained very accurately. We have developed standardized and well-documented procedures covering all aspects of storage, packing and shipment of products to ensure compliance with SBDMA guidelines. Internal procedures are optimized to and implemented consistently on nationwide. This ensures full integration of all activities and a uniform quality of services from any of our facilities based in Yemen.

Our Clients

We Supply our products to all Customers mainly in Yemen province
with excellent customer support and rapid distribution network.


Int. Health Organization

Local Health Organization


Gov. Hospitals
Private Hospitals
Medical Centers



Drugs Stores


Beauty Shops

Cosmetics Centers

Al-Akram’s wide-ranging distribution network and client base means we can source all your pharmaceutical and OTC requirements, backed up by our experienced order fulfilment and customer service teams.
Government Hospitals, Pharmacists, GPs/registered Doctors, Hospitals and Private Clinics, Wholesalers, Dental Centers and Health Organization. 



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